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Mo' Plastic, Mo' Problems

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Kaweah Container: Sustainable paper straws

Kaweah Container launches its new line of paper straws are constructed of non-toxic, BPA-free, and chlorine free materials. They are FDA compliant, can be composted, and are marine degradable.

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Visalia company 1 of only 3 in nation making paper straws

In the last year, straws have quickly risen to the top of the list of plastic products polluting oceans because they are single use, aren’t typically recycled, and are thrown away by the millions each day, much of which ends up in the ocean.

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This Visalia company is one of three paper straw manufacturers in the U.S.

At Kaweah Container, corrugated boxes are the bread and butter of the business.

They’ve been making them for decades, shipping them to customers in California and the west coast.

But last year, the family-owned Visalia company saw a global trend, identified a need, and decided to start manufacturing a new product — paper straws.

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Why straws?

Well, we recognized the growing need for an alternative to plastic, and we knew we could deliver. We have the capability to innovate. So why not do better for the planet while doing better for the consumer?

Our products are made in the USA with our facilities based in Visalia, California.

With the Sequoia National Park practically in our backyard, we’re proud to be Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council certified. Our straws are also American Institute of Baking Certified, Composter Approved, Reef & Ocean Friendly, and Food Safe - FDA Compliant.